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Amphora Award Program

Newspaper clipping from March 10, 1965 about the purchase of the Amphora

The AMPHORA is Crestview's most prized possession. It is an ancient Greek water jug purchased from the May collection in 1965. It is believed to be several thousand years old. The Amphora has become a symbol of Trojan pride and spirit. The Amphora award is a scholarship pin cast in bronze, in the shape of the Amphora. Select students are recognized by Amphora awards during the second semester at an awards ceremony. Amphora awards are given to those students who achieve a 3.50 average or better at the end of the first semester.

The AMPHORA… is an ancient Greek vase dating from the second century B.C. It is the property of Crestview and is displayed in plain view for all. For the student a few inches from such an object, the people and places of ancient history take on a new and very real meaning, and the nebulous word culture gains solidarity.

Our AMPHORA has come to mean much more. The word is derived from the word part "amphi", which means on both sides and accounts for the two handles, and from the word part "pherein" which means to bear. From this second word part come the qualities which the amphora symbolizes for the Crestview student: To support and move; to be equipped with; to hold in mind; to have as an identification; to lead, escort or render; to become directed; to produce fruit, yield; and implies the power to sustain without flinching or breaking.

Education is not just a preparation for life; it is a part of life. Make the most of every minute at Crestview. So that in future years, when you pick up the AMPHORA, you will have no regrets, for you will never pass this way again.

J. Galaske (1970 Crestview Junior High Yearbook)