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Money and Fundraising


We strongly suggest that students not borrow money, books or any other items from each other. Students should bring only the minimum amount of money necessary to purchase lunch. However, it is highly recommended that students deposit money by check in the computerized meal accounting system. Other items can be paid for by check made out to Crestview Middle School or online through Parent Pay Online. Items paid by cash or check will be entered into InTouch by the appropriate school personnel. Students are strongly discouraged from having large amounts of money at school, and the school cannot be held responsible for money that is lost, misplaced or taken. If it is absolutely necessary to have a large amount of money at school, the money should be brought to the office immediately upon arrival at school. The office staff will write a receipt for the money and make arrangements to pick the money up at an appropriate time. Again, we strongly discourage large amounts of money being brought to school.


Approval from the principal must be received to sell items on the school campus. Proceeds from items sold must be for a school organization. Fundraising items may not be sold during classes.