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Developing independent, lifelong learners and creative, responsible citizens prepared for the diverse and complex society of the future


Students will be assigned lockers according to their team assignment. Students are responsible for placing all their items in their assigned locker and having the locker locked at all times.

Students are required to keep their books, book bags, jackets, etc.,in their assigned lockers. The locker is provided for the convenience of the student. The school cannot be responsible for the security of books and personal belongings.

Students are required to have a lock for their assigned lockers. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that the locker is locked every time the student uses the locker. Lockers will be checked periodically to see that they are properly secured.

Security Suggestions for a Locker

  1. Do not give your combination to anyone.
  2. When opening your lock, check to see if anyone is attempting to see the lock face while you work the combination.
  3. When closing the lock, be sure the lock has closed and then turn the dial a few turns to insure that the lock is secure.
  4. If you see anyone tampering with your locker or lock, report him or her to the office. This is for your protection. Anyone seen tampering with a lock or locker will be subject to disciplinary action.
  5. Locker problems, other than lock problems, should be reported by the student to the first period teacher.
  6. Students may go to their lockers before school, between the 1st and 2nd Block and after school— NOT during class time—so plan ahead!