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Cafeteria Conduct

Lunchtime is a time for students to relax, socialize with their friends and have a nourishing meal. To ensure that this is a pleasant experience for all, the following rules and guidelines must be adhered to by everyone. It is essential that students do not disturb any classes on their way to and from the cafeteria, or at any time during the lunch period. Students who experience a problem are encouraged to discuss the situation with a cafeteria supervisor as soon as possible.

  1. Students going to and from the Cafeteria should walk in an orderly manner. There should be no running, pushing or shoving at any time.
  2. Students must be in the Cafeteria area when the tardy bell rings.
  3. Students should form single file lines to purchase food. Students may not cut in line or allow others to cut in line with them.
  4. Students may not purchase items for other students.
  5. For the safety of everyone, food or objects propelled in any manner will not be allowed in the school.
  6. Students may socialize with their friends, but at no time engage in running, pushing, hitting, throwing food or other forms of horseplay or harassment.
  7. Students should be seated at tables at all times so as not to block walkways or aisles. The number of students around a table will be limited to the established number of seats.
  8. Students should not leave purses or other personal items on their tables unattended.
  9. When finished eating, student should: clean up their eating area, including the floor around their chair; throw away their own trash in the proper receptacle; return their own tray to the window or cart, stacking it neatly in the appropriate area; return to their original seat; and push in their chair when dismissed by the Cafeteria Supervisor.
  10. During the lunch periods, all students must report to the Cafeteria. Students will be allowed to only use the restrooms that are inside the Cafeteria. All other areas are off limits, including the Gym building, Courtyard, Grade Level Centers and all other parts of the campus.
  11. Students must show a pass to the cafeteria supervisor in order to leave the cafeteria during lunch.
  12. Students will be dismissed by a supervising teacher to report to their next period class. The bell does not dismiss students.

Failure to comply with cafeteria rules may result in disciplinary action. This action may include a reminder, assigned seats, going to the end of the line, trash pickup duty, student/teacher conference, lunch detention, parent conference, in-school suspension/Student Support Center and/or suspension.