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Developing independent, lifelong learners and creative, responsible citizens prepared for the diverse and complex society of the future

Assembly Rules and Conduct

Students are to adhere to the following standards of conduct during assemblies:

  1. Students must conduct themselves in a considerate, respectful and responsible manner. Rude yelling, whistling, booing and inappropriate cheering, etc. will not be allowed.
  2. Objects are not to be propelled or thrown in any manner during an assembly.
  3. Students will leave their books in their last hour class. They will return at the end of the assembly to gather their belongings.
  4. Students will remain seated until they are dismissed.
  5. While a speaker is at the microphone, students are to be listening, not talking.
  6. Students who misbehave will be removed from the assembly and may be subject to disciplinary action. Discipline may include detention, a parent conference and/or a suspension.