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After School Procedures

Students are welcome and encouraged to stay after school in order to participate in supervised activities offered at Crestview Middle School. Students may stay after school for the following reasons: detention, student tutoring, work with teachers on class work, makeā€‘up work (tests, projects, assignments, computers), clubs, intramurals, drama, play practice, music groups.

Students may only stay after school for activities in which they are under the direct supervision of a teacher. All other students are expected to leave campus by 2:45 p.m. Students who stay for after-school activities are expected to show proper behavior at all times and to be cooperative with all teachers supervising after-school activities.

Procedures for students participating in after-school activities are:

  1. Students must sign up online for the activity prior to their dismissal from school.
  2. If necessary, students must sign up for the activity bus by 7:30 am to be able to ride the activity bus that day.
  3. Students must report to the activity by 2:45, with all belongings to go home as well.
  4. At 3:40, students must report to the cafeteria to check in for the activity bus or be picked up by a parent. Students may not return to their locker at this time.
  5. All students should be picked up prior to 3:55
  6. If a student signs up for the activity bus and is no longer staying or needs transportation, he/she should notify someone in the office.

Consequences for not following all of the above guidelines are:

  1. First offense: Warning
  2. Second offense: Denied the privilege of staying after school bus for one (1) week
  3. Third offense: Denied the privilege of staying after school for two (2) weeks
  4. Additional offense(s): Denied the privilege of staying after school for the remainder of the semester

Space on the activity bus will be allotted on a first-come, first served basis.


Students who are experiencing behavior problems or are not making sufficient academic progress may be denied the privilege of staying for recreational activities until the problems are corrected.